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At the Somerset Pig Company we are committed to giving the best value for money and love giving the best deal to our customers. We donate to all charity events we do as well as discounts for early and repeat bookings!

Hog Roast

Options 1 to 3 come with an apple sauce, home made stuffing, freshly baked rolls, all with lightly salted crackling, mmmm. We also provide staff to serve.

Option 1 for up to 125 people


Option 2 - 125 to 190 People


Option 3 - 200 Plus People

Quotation on request


Lamb Roast

Options 1-2 come with a mint sauce, freshly baked rolls and staff to serve. All seasoned with garlic and rosemary

Option 1 for up to 70 people


Option 2 for 70 plus people


Option 3 - Cooked and delivered lamb up to 60 people




Salads include Fresh Green Leaf, Mediterranean Salad, Cous Cous and Pine Nuts, Coleslaw, Potato and Chive, Pasta and Pesto


Starting from £1 per head



Puds include Black Forest Gateau, Chocolate Long Pudding, Chocolate Fudge Gateaux, Eaton Mess Cheesecake, Ginger Treacle Tart, Strawberry Gateau, Strawberry Cheesecake and Treacle Sponge Pudding

Selection of Puds

Start from £2 per head

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